‘MS. MARVEL’ Production Update

Kevin Feige rolled out a lot of Disney Plus news over the course of the summer, using SDCC and D23 as platforms to unveil Marvel Studios plans for 8 series to be released on the streaming platform. The original plan was that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would kick things off in the Fall of 2020, then WandaVision, Loki, What If…? and Hawkeye would be spread out through 2021 with Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk to fill in somewhere. With production underway on two series and Loki set to begin in early February, fans have been awaiting word on what’s next and now we know…Ms. Marvel is now firmly set to begin production in early April with April 10th acting as a placeholder.

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Casting for the series is ongoing and with the early-Spring date now locked in place, we should see casting information when Hollywood gets back to work after the holiday break (unless they generously surprise us over the next two days).

While I first reported in back in October that the series would begin in April, it has also been reported that production would not begin until August, but I am told that the April date was recently locked in by Disney and that pre-production on the series has begun in Atlanta. With production getting underway next year and no new developments taking place around the Hawkeye series, all signs are pointing to Ms. Marvel airing before Hawkeye, marking a departure from the timeline revealed by Feige. Marvel Studios has not commented on any changes to the timeline nor given Ms. Marvel an official release date.

Bisha K. Ali will serve as the show runner on the project which will feature Kamala Khan, first introduced in the comics in 2013.

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