Amazon Scoops Up ‘Punisher’ Showrunner Steve Lightfoot for ‘Spider-Man Noir’ Series

After partnering with Sony, Amazon behan dipping their toes in Marvel waters with Angela Kang’s Silk: Spider Society. Earlier this year, Amazon gave Oren Uziel the green light to develop a live-action Spider-Man Noir streaming series. Now, they’ve enlisted someone intimately familiar with a Marvel character who first appeared in a Spidey comic to serve with Uziel as the co-showrunner.

According to Variety, Steve Lightfoot, who was the showrunner for both seasons of Netflix’s The Punisher, has agreed to board the project and share duties with Uziel.

Based on an alternate universe Spider-Man created in 2008 by David Hine and Marko Djurdjevic, Spider-Man Noir will follow the adventures of a non-Peter Parker Spidey in 1930’s New York. Actor Nicolas Cage voiced a version of the character in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Though Kang’s Silk series has been in development for some time, no timeline for the debut of the series on the streaming service has been given. It’s believed that Amazon’s deal with Sony has also generated several other ideas that are at different points in their development.

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