‘Spider-Man Noir’ Series in Development for Amazon Prime Video

A new wrinkle into the Spider-Verse is taking place at Amazon Prime. It has been revealed that a live-action series for Spider-Man Noir is moving forward at the streaming service with Oren Uziel is set to serve as a writer and executive producer for the new project. In addition, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Amy Pascal have worked on developing the project and will also be working as executive producers.

The new Spider-Man Noir series is part of the partnership between Sony Pictures and Amazon Prime Video to create shows based on Spider-Man characters currently owned by the former. It will be the second of its kind with Silk: Spider Society well into development under showrunner Angela Kang.

The series will be based in 1930s New York City and follow a grizzled version of Spider-Man. Not much is currently known in terms of narrative details for Spider-Man Noir, though according to sources with Variety, the main character of this series will not be a Peter Parker variant. This assumedly eliminates any connection from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as Nicolas Cage played the Peter Parker version of the Noir-themed Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Noir will be notable as the first project in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe to have a live-action version of the titular character, even if it’s based in a separate universe. This comes after being built around an array of Spider-Man’s villains thus far.

No word has been given on when audiences should expect Spider-Man: Noir to release on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Variety

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