‘Andor’: Alan Tudyk Reveals No Current Plans for K-2SO Appearance

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We haven’t heard much from the upcoming Star Wars series since the announcements during Disney’s Investors Day. Among the many series, we finally got an official title for the Rogue One spin-off that would focus on Cassian Andor. Diego Luna was set to return, but there was no real word if Cassian’s robot side-kick would also join him on this new adventure. Alan Tudyk voiced the former Empire droid, who was quite a fan-favorite mostly due to his sarcastic comments. Well, it sadly looks like the silence surrounding his inclusion had a good reason for it. In an interview with Collider for the upcoming Resident Alien, he revealed that he was not involved in the upcoming series:

They’re shooting it right now, I’m not in it. But, if it stays on the air, stories keep getting told, I’ll end up in there

It is sad we won’t get to spend more time with K-2SO. Hopefully, there is a chance the series might get some additional seasons to explore how they first met. We did get their initial meeting in an official prequel comic to the film, so it may be a reason why it won’t be the focus in Andor. This revelation is actually quite a surprise as shortly after the show’s initial announcement he was heavily involved in promoting it. So, his exclusion and the way Tudyk answered might hint that they are planning on mapping out multiple seasons. Interestingly enough, the droid made an appearance outside of the Rogue One film, as he was a returning enemy in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. So, there is also the chance that K-2SO could appear in other Star Wars-related media, such as The Mandalorian. His blueprints may have been used to build the Dark Troopers, who made their live-action debut last season. For now, we can only hope that he

Source: Collider, Slash Film

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