Scoop: Marvel Studios Throws a “Changeup”

Identifying and tracking the projects Marvel Studios has “on deck” is one of our favorite things to do at Murphy’s Multiverse. Over the last 5 months, this has led us to the discovery of 6 new production companies. Beginning with Solve Everything and Grass-Fed, continuing to Arlyn Murphy’s discovery of Blueberry Waffles, Standoffish and Log Jam and identifying Frequent Productions the day of Disney’s Investor Day presentation. All 6 of these production companies have since been confirmed to be Marvel Studios productions so we recently had some fun trying to match them up with known upcoming projects; however, we might have to throw most of that out the window as it turns out we have to add another one to the mix: Changeup Productions.

Just identifying a 7th production company was enough to put a hitch in any efforts to match them up, but that process was further complicated the fact that the creation of Changeup predates Blueberry Waffles, Log Jam and Standoffish by a month and the creation of Frequent by two months. While it’s not a sure thing, it likely indicates that whatever project Changeup is will be filming sooner than those other 4. With that in mind and knowing that Marvel Studios is looking to get filming on Secret Invasion going before mid-year, the Nicky Fury-centric series seems the most likely fit.

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Regardless of which project Changeup turns out to be, it leaves us with one more production company than known projects meaning that Kevin Feige didn’t play all his cards at Disney Investor Day and there’s another project which is likely to begin filming in either 2021 or early 2022.  Deadpool 3, Ghost Rider, Illuminati, Nomad (still not sure exactly what it is but it could be the vehicle for Chris Evans’ return to the MCU) Nova, Secret Warriors or Young Avengers are leading candidates for whichever production company ends up unmatched now, but for the moment, we’re still trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces. As always, we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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