Audition Video All But Confirms America Chavez for ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ Sequel

Update: The video has been removed for copyright reasons.

Back in January, the Illuminerdi broke the news that a casting call for Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness indicated that Marvel Studios was looking for a young, Hispanic actress for a a role presumed to be America Chavez. There was some conjecture at the time that the role might not be America, but rather Zelma Stanton, a character more recently introduced into the comics in 2015. It seems like that debate is over as Murphy’s Multiverse was able to dig up this audition tape, made by an actress who fits the revamped age range for the role. We absolutely want to make clear that we are aware that these videos could steer us down the wrong path, so everyone should evaluate the video for themselves and understand that this is NOT official confirmation of anything; however, as you’ll see, the audition, should it be legitimate, would undeniably be for America Chavez.


If you’re not familiar with America, the story here about an orphan (her mothers died sacrificing themselves to save her) popping through the multiverse, unfamiliar with this Earth and is being chased by a demon certainly does not describe Zelma. If this is a legitimate video, it’s America Chavez/

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