REPORT: Star Wars’ Ahsoka Will Enter Production This Winter

Writer and producer Marc Bernardin may have let it slip that production on Ahsoka is set to kick off this winter.

Production on Star WarsAhsoka looks to be entering starting soon.

During a recent appearance on the Fatman Beyond podcast, writer and producer Marc Bernardin let it slip that production on Ahsoka is coming up. While discussing a short film he’ll be directing in December, Bernardin revealed he approached Rosario Dawson to appear in the project. Unfortunately, though, the actress made it clear she’s busy with another project at the time. “She was the first choice, and I wanted her very, very badly,” he explained. “She read the script and loved it, but she was like ‘Listen, I’m going to be in Manhattan Beach making a f—ing Star Wars show, and, uh, I can’t be in your short.’ Which I was like ‘Okay! That checks out!'”

While he didn’t specifically namedrop Ahsoka, the Disney+ is well into the casting process. It was recently revealed that Hayden Christensen is set to reprise his role as Darth Vader in the series. He went on to state the series was in production, however, with The Mandalorian production underway, Dawson may be making yet another appearance on that series.

The Ahsoka series is being written by Dave Filoni, while Jon Favreau is acting as a producer on the series. While little is known regarding the series, it’s speculated that Ahsoka supposedly takes place after Ahsoka meets with Din Djarin in The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka was initially expected to enter production in 2022. As of now, a release date has not yet been unveiled by Disney+.

Source: CBR

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