James Cameron Has Plans for 6 ‘Avatar’ Sequels

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If you’ve ever wondered just ho wmany Avatar films might be in our future, director James Cameron might have just the answer for you. As he’s busy promoting th erleease of the first sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, he has talked about his plans and just how far he hopes to push this new project. The first sequel alone is a big gamble, as the production budget is so high that without breaking $2 billion, he’d likely not be able to make more than a trilogy. Yet, while he already openly laid out his plans for four sequels, it seems he can go further.

In an interview wiht The Hollywood Reporter, he highlighted that he’d likely be working on Avatar films until he’s 89, as he has ideas for a sixth and seventh film, but only if therE’s interest. He also highlighted that he would have a succession plan on a director that could continue his work and the 800-page diary that is filled with the extensive world-buliding he mapped out for the first entry.

Obviously, I’m not going to be able to make Avatar movies indefinitely, the amount of energy required. I would have to train somebody how to do this because, I don’t care how smart you are as a director, you don’t know how to do this.

James Cameron

Cameron is famous for having a very specific vision for his projects. So, it’s not too surprising that he’ll likely not pass on the work to anyone without truly keeping a close eye on them. Ironically, he’s simlar to how Tom Cruise closely vets the people they work with, almost like they function as their own little production studio trying to keep a certain amount of quality control and direction alive.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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