Australian Theater Chain Leaks ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Runtime

thor love and thunder runtime

There have always been active discussions on just how long some of the upcoming Marvel Studios films will be. When Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ runtime was revealed, people were worried that it wasn’t “long enough” to really fully explore the multiverse. Now, it seems that an Australian theater chain, Even Cinemas, may have accidentally leaked the runtime for Thor: Love and Thunder, which will once again fuel the speculation surrounding if it will spend enough time with the characters.

According to Event Cinema, Love and Thunder will run for 115 minutes. That would mean the film will be just shy of the two-hour mark, not that uncommon with superhero films. If this is the final runtime for the film., it’ll be longer than the first The Incredible Hulk (112 minutes), and Thor: The Dark World (112 minutes). Funny enough, it’s the same runtime as the first Thor and the first Doctor Strange film. It’ll also only be slightly shorter than the first AntMan film, which was 117 minutes.

Runtimes don’t speak for the quality of the film, and it also is up to the director to find that sweet spot of how long a film needs to be. As we don’t know any details about the film or how it’ll explore the different plot points hinted at. It’s easy to go by rumors that the runtime may not fit what we’ve heard about the story but we also don’t know how much time is spent with what characters or story concepts. Plus, Taika Waititi is known for his fast-paced storytelling.

Source: Event Cinema

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