‘Echo’s Location Manager Teases ‘Hawkeye’ Spinoff’s Story and Scale

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While most of our attention is on the upcoming releases, Marvel Studios is already preparing to start production on their next projects. It wasn’t until Disney+ Day that we got the official confirmation for the Echo series, which was rumored long before Hawkeye even released. We still know very little about the story and how it may build-out of the finale from that series, especially in her confrontation with Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin. A small piece in the Newnan Times-Herald may offer our first tease t the scope for this story.

A production titled “Grasshopper” has been confirmed to start production there which so happens to be one of the production titles used for Echo. It was initially known as “Whole Branzino” but the company tends to use a multitude throughout productions nowadays. It seems that the film has gotten their hands on permits to film in Grantville Supposedly the production will prep in May with the backdrop being used for establishing shots.

The interesting part here is that Ryan Schaetzle, the location manager for this production, has offered a few minor details on the production. First off, the previously mentioned dates are seemingly only intended for two episodes. So, they may return for more permits as the rest are still being written. According to Schaetzle, the story will focus on a small town that Grantville will be a part of.

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In a way, it hints that Alaqua Cox‘s take on Maya Lopez might flee the city after the events of Hawkeye. After taking a shot at the Kingpin, she tries to follow her roots and could be returning to her family that lives outside of New York City. It seems rather implied that Kingpin will survive the confrontation, and he might try to take her back by sending people after her threatening the local town. As the series is still being written, there’s a chance that this may also only take up a few episodes before she returns to the city for a final confrontation.

It’s only speculation based on the little information that has been provided, but it focusing on a small town does seem fitting for the character. Lopez is a more grounded character, especially in how we were introduced to her in Hawkeye. So, it makes sense that they’d take that approach. perhaps it even plays into classic stories featuring small towns rising up against corporate people trying to buy it out. Given her Native-American heritage, there’s an important story to be told here through her eyes.

Source: One Take News, Newnan Times-Herald

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