Benedict Wong Confirmed to Appear in ‘She-Hulk’

she hulk wong

Here’s a rather big surprise, while all eyes are on the trailer for She-Hulk which included a few glimpses at the supporting cast and villains Tatiana Maslany‘s version of the character will face. Yet, there’s one little additional casting tucked away in the official casting list. It looks like fresh off of his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Benedict Wong will return once again to the MCU in the She-Hulk Disney+ series.

The series will run for nine episodes similar to WandaVision. It’s a shorter runtime than initially expected, as comedies were rethought to have around ten episodes while drama’s focused on six. It seems that plan has shifted since the release of their first series, which had to shorten its episode count due to the pandemic. Considering the budget involved with a fully CG Hulk, She-Hulk, and Abomination, it might’ve ballooned quite a bit while VFX houses are also struggling to keep up.

For now, the series looks like a lot of fun and has an Ally McBeal feeling going for it combined with some superhero action. There’s a lot we don’t know yet about the series and it’s unclear if it’ll have an overarching structure or go with a weekly case concept. For now, we can only wait and see as more information arrives and the next trailer gives us a better look at how they bring the character to life.

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