Kevin Feige Confirms ‘Loki’ is Marvel Studios’ Most-Watched Disney+ Series

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So far, we’ve been strongly dependent on external analysis to see just how successful the various Disney+ series have been. Yet, most have pointed to Loki potentially being their most-watched series so far, and luckily during Disney’s Upfront conference, Kevin Feige confirmed that this was indeed the case. The timing is also perfect as they are about to start production on the second season in a few weeks. So, expectations might be high for the continuation to build upon the momentum of the first.

We’ve seen from SambaTV’s analysis that this was most likely the caste, but as it’s a third-party analysis it doesn’t work as a definite confirmation of where the viewer ratings lie. Plus, it’s unclear what exactly Disney+ is focused on when it comes to what makes a show successful, as the subscriber count is their main draw to further grow their income for the service. So, they may be looking at multiple factors at play, especially as their projects are a bit more sprayed out.

Now, the question remains what might be the series to dethrone it moving forward. She-Hulk just dropped its trailer and has some positive buzz around it besides some concerns about the CG. Still, with quite a few interesting projects heading our way, you never know what project might draw in the most attention and potentially take Loki‘s throne as Marvel Studios’ most-watched Disney+ series.

Source: Twitter

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