‘Black Adam’ Producer Teases Future Plans for New Franchise

black adam future

Dwayne Johnson is about to change the heroic landscape with his arrival as Black Adam. The first teaser finally dropped during DC FanDome, and it included a few teases of the film’s version of the Justice Society of America. It looks like they might also have some plans, as Johnson’s partner and one of the film’s producers Hiram Garcia offered some insight into what their plan is going into the project. In an interview with Variety, he shared the following:

When we do something like this, we’re looking at the entire DC Universe as a whole because with our movie, not only do we introduce Black Adam, but we introduce several characters. We have great ambitions and plans for what we want to do in the DC Universe, and we’re starting to work on that now as we start to roll out that plan.

Hiram Garcia

He also jokingly talked bout how they want to see Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman face off against Black Adam, as Garcia believes she’s the only superhero that can go “toe-to-toe” with the fallen warrior of Shazam. They certainly would make for an interesting match-up, especially given their long history. They’ve teased Black Adam as more of an anti-hero.

So, while the initial teaser showed him mercilessly killing a random soldier, we might get to learn about his softer side throughout the story. Diana is not just a warrior but also has the ability to find the good in people. So, it might turn into a battle of wits as much as it will be of brawn.

Source: Variety via ComicBook

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