‘Black Adam’ Producer Teases “Real Violence” That is “Rough and Gruesome”

black adam violence

There was some uncertainty about just how brutal the upcoming adaptation of Black Adam will be. Yet, the first trailer drop certainly confirmed that he’ll have a darker turn as he’s a hero that isn’t scared of killing off anyone who stands in his way. Dwayne Johnson is usually an actor that has stuck primarily to pushing the PG-13 rating but it looks like the upcoming film will remain for all four quadrants but will offer “real violence” according to its producer Beau Flynn.

Just from the experience of all the Dwayne Johnson movies we’ve been privileged to be part of, we’re a four quadrant. I mean, we really like to service all demos, all ages, but we had to be authentic to Black Adam and we had to really push,” Flynn said. “The violence is real and it can be rough and gruesome in places, but I think the audience will be okay. I think the kids will be okay. There is a huge heart in this movie. And at the same time, you have to have fun. You have to have joy in these movies. And I think even when you see the trailer, you see, there’s like even the palette, the colors, the world, it’s not as dark as some other movies, but it still has some dark undertones. And I think that’s important. The tone I think is what I’m really most proud of with the film. That’s hard. Tone is hard.

Beau Flynn

So, if you were worried that it wouldn’t live up to the standards of Black Adam’s usual violence in the comics, you’ll be in for a treat. The first trailer did tease that some more fun shenanigans will also be at play but the one guy he punched into the ocean might not have survived that enforced travel. We’ll see if future trailers tease more of the action that is heading our way and if it truly can hold a candle to what they promise.

Source: ComicBook

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