New She-Hulk Merch Teases a Split Personality and Comic-Inspired Outfit

she hulk promo

She-Hulk is only a few months away from releasing. While the first trailer was met with some controversy, the series is still seemingly eyeing its initial release. We haven’t gotten anything outside of the trailer release, and it seems that we may have to wait until next month for more updates. Luckily, it seems that Fathead has released a few murals and designs inspired by the upcoming Disney+ series that highlight Jennifer Walters’s upcoming struggle between her daily life as a lawyer and superhero. What stands out however is one of the murals. is titled “Split Personality.”

There are also some that offer a good look at her updated costume, which she’ll be wearing as She-Hulk. We only initially saw it from behind but it seems that they went with a very comic-inspired look that has some small updated detailing. Of course, it’ll be interesting to see what it looks like on the show.

One more mural includes a full look at her costume, as well as showcasing the general theme of her duality. She-Hulk is described as her “Alter Ego” in the title of this mural which normally just hints at her “superhero” self. It could also hint at an inner conflict with this new personality of hers. So, it may be more than just Walters getting Hulk powers.

We may get an emotional arc of She-Hulk facing the challenge of embracing her newfound powers and potentially it adding to a subconscious she wasn’t even aware of. While Bruce Banner’s main focus has been his inner rage, she has a different dormant emotion that leads to the alter ego that is She-Hulk. It’ll be interesting t see if this series also explores that very dynamic.

Source: Fathead

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