Book Review: ‘The Infinity Particle’

The Infinity Particle, which releases this October, is a must-read book that’ll leave readers asking what it is that makes us human.

The Infinity Particle by Wendy Xu

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Infinity Particle by Wendy Xu tells the tale of a young girl named Clementine, aka Clem, as she makes her way from Earth to Mars to work under the great Dr. Lin – an Artificial Intelligence pioneer. Clem has been following Lin’s work since she lived on Earth and is thrilled to finally get the chance to meet her, but her interest soon veers once she meets Lin’s personal AI, Kye.

It’s not abnormal for folks in Mars to have AIs. In fact, everyone seems to have one, including Clem. However, it is odd for someone to have a humanoid AI. But as Clem begins to learn more about both Dr. Lin and Kye, she’ll soon learn that not everything is what it appears to be.

The Infinity Particle is a stunning book. Not only is the artwork beautiful, but the story itself is also rather captivating. I’ve always been interested in the concept of what makes us human. (I wrote an entire book series based on Programs and humanity.) So, I was immediately hooked once I began reading The Infinity Particle. But what kept me reading through to the end was the way Xu handled both Clem’s story and Kye’s. This isn’t merely a story about Kye and his humanity. It’s far more complex than that. There are so many layers. So many twists. It’s a thrilling ride with a heck of a conclusion.

With that said, The Infinity Particle won’t necessarily be for everyone. Those that take issue with Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and Vision entering into a relationship will more than likely not enjoy the romantic aspect of The Infinity Particle. Which is entirely understandable, of course. But readers that are able to look beyond that will find a story that has no issue asking its readers just what it is that makes us human.

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