Anthony Mackie on the Pressure of Becoming Captain America and Sam’s Story Picks up in ‘Brave New World’

Before audiences decided they hated everything produced by Marvel Studios, they loved everything produced by Marvel Studios. From 2014 through 2019, the vast majority of MCU films were overwhelmingly well-received by critics and fans alike. Many of those films involved one of the shared universe’s most beloved characters, Steve Rogers, played by one of its most beloved talents in Chris Evans. At least for the time being, Evans has put the MCU behind him and, following the events of the Marvel Studios streaming series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, has been replaced as Captain America by Sam Wilson, portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most charismatic talents in Anthony Mackie. In 2024’s Captain America: Brave New World, Mackie will lead his first MCU feature film and become the first actor to take over an existing franchise as a legacy character and according to the actor, he’s feeling the pressure.

There’s a huge amount of pressure,” Mackie told Inverse. “You throw my dumb ass in the water, and you’re like, ‘Swim.’ I’m like, ‘Sh*t.’ But at the same time, it’s all in the state of mind. I’ve been given a great cast. I’ve been given a great group of people who I’ve worked with before.” That great group of people includes director Julius Onah and co-stars Danny Ramierez, Shira Haas and Harrison Ford, who Mackie said made him “so fucking nervous” on their first day working together that he couldn’t remember his lines. “He’s Harrison fucking Ford,” said Mackie. “There is this aura about him. But he dispels that really quickly because he’s such a cool guy. He’s everything a movie star should be,” explained Mackie before recounting Ford’s on-set demeanor. “He would say, ‘Let’s shoot this piece of shit.’ And everybody was like, ‘Yeah, let’s shoot this shit,” said Mackie.

falcon and winter soldier vfx
Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in Marvel Studios’ THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Despite picking up the shield that once belonged to Steve Rogers, Mackie is quick to explain that Sam Wilson is his own Cap. “It’s more so about his ability to connect and counsel,” Mackie says of Sam’s “superpower.” “He’s not as rash to bear arms as Steve Rogers was. Having a super serum makes you impossible to beat, so your answer to everything is to fight it out. Whereas Sam Wilson can actually die pretty easily. He realized that his ability is not to change the world with force; it’s about giving people the wherewithal and the recognition that they deserve so that they can make a change,” Mackie explained. “I can go around and beat up people all day; it won’t matter. Those people are going to come right back and do the same shit.” Despite not having superpowers, however, Mackie made one thing clear. “All the flying, CGI, and all that shit. That’s going to happen,” he assured.

As of now, Mackie’s first film foray as Cap is slated for July 26th, 2024 and despite some fairly spoilery set photos making their way online, the plot of the film is still relatively unclear. Though he wouldn’t say much, Mackie did indicate that he and Ford worked together quite a bit on Brave New World. “We spent a good bit of time together. Ross and Cap have always had that relationship, where they were friends and they respected each other, but they always bumped heads. That’s their relationship in the storyline,” explained Mackie. With Ross set to become the President of the United States of America, it’s interesting to imagine what would cause him to bump heads with Captain America. As of now, fans will have to wait just over a year to find out.

Source: Inverse

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