New ‘One Piece’ Website Teases Netflix’s Take on the Marines

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Netflix has been heavily promoting the upcoming live-action One Piece series. They invested a lot and are not holding back on promoting it, which gave us some posters early in the year leading up to a trailer reveal during TUDUM. Shortly after the event, with a release in late August on the horizon, we got a new special website for those wanting to join the live-action Straw Hats on Netflix. The biggest addition is that it also includes some rather curious teases for the series.

The website gives you a chance to sign up and become a “Nakama” of the Straw Hat’s Grand Fleet (a great reference to the manga). In the background, you can see various posters that are likely part of the show with a showcase of some curious references. ‘s backgrounds. They paint a good picture of how this pirate-infested world is living and that perhaps the Marines aren’t as much of our friends as one thinks.

The biggest tease is that the “World Government” is included by name with a Big Brother poster. Those eyes even include little swirls that might be a reference to a recent reveal. They are warning many pirates throughout while also highlighting “Absolute Justice,” which is an iconic tagline of a major character we don’t meet until much later in the storyline. It looks like we’ll see a lot of propaganda throughout the series which also feels like a fitting way to adapt the Marines in a Western live-action adaptation that has similar experiences with police.

The best little inclusion is the Tangerine Juice poster that has the name of Belle-Mère, who is an important character for Nami. If you look closely, there are also some Wanted posters for unknown characters. Though, the posters are quite close to the ones we see in the manga, which is a great little touch. You can even see the Berry symbol in the left bottom corner. Here’s hoping we have more to see in the coming weeks.

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