Netflix Unveils ‘One Piece’ Collaboration with S.H.Figuarts

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Early on during the production of the live-action One Piece series, Netflix hinted that they want it to become their next major Stranger Things. Of course, they hope the show becomes a major player on the app that makes good use of the original stories’ many years worth of story to tell, they also had a different hope which is seemingly coming true.

Tamashii Nations’ action figure brand S.H.Figuarts has unveiled that they are working on a collaboration with the live-action One Piece series. That means we’re getting some high-quality figurines based on the iconic take of these live-action takes. The timing is also perfect, as they also revealed our first look will be available at the upcoming Anime Expo 2023 this weekend.

This collaboration is likely just the first, as YouTooz who already hinted at a figurine based on Inaki Godoy’s Monkey D. Luffy. So, we might expect an announcement soon or perhaps they are still trying to build up the reveal ahead of the weekend. Who knows if this also expands to potential figurines based on the iconic ships or various landmarks from the live-action take. Netflix is certainly all-in for this project to work.

As mentioned previously, One Piece wants it to be the next Stranger Things and that means they want it to sell merchandise. A lot of major projects don’t just live off of their viewership, similar to how Squid Game became a massive success with the various merch even though it has only released a single season so far. If there is any project that has the potential, it definitely is One Piece.

Source: Instagram, YouTooz

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