‘She-Hulk’s Old Logo Design Lives on Through Her Law Agency

she hulk logo

Here’s a cute surprise, but it looks like the last She-Hulk logo design that we saw is still present in the series. While they went for a more modern take on the classic logo, especially with the new “Attorney at Law” addition, it seems that they still had some use for the logo that was revealed during Disney+ day. If you look closely in the background during the trailer, you can spot that the agency she works for is still Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. While the name isn’t stated directly, you can clearly see the initials in the background with GLKH.

It looks like they repurposed the old logo as the design for the law agency. While not world-breaking in the Easter egg department, it’s fun to see that this might’ve been the original inspiration for that design before they went with the current one. It definitely felt like they were taking cues from law firms and procedural law series as the inspiration, but decided to stick to the comic book design after all.

Marvel Studios has had this interesting tendency to change their logo designs throughout their entire ad campaign. It’s been a bit jarring how many versions they go through with some projects, such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness receiving a new one only weeks before its release. Still, it does become a fun game of which one they might decide is the one that best represents their final project.

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