Bruce Campbell Talks Marvel Studios Influence on ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Reshoots

doctor strange reshoots

We’ve heard a lot about the work that’s been done on the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. Multiverse of Madness will be filmed to the brim, as is expected with a project that explores the multiverse. We’ve heard that Spider-man: No Way Home was forced to change directions due to the pandemic and Marvel Studios had to reshuffle their schedules, but it looks like something similar happened to the upcoming Doctor Strange film.

In an interview with Game Informer, Bruce Campbell was asked a few questions which included the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There were many rumors about various reshoots being underway as they were building up to its release in a few weeks. While it’s not uncommon, he did offer some insight into what led to some of the changes, such as some story aspects needing to be adapted by Sam Raimi.

The Marvel guys, they make eight of these movies at the same time, so they’re always updating storylines. So, my buddy Sam [Raimi] has had to add scenes that [Marvel] told him he had to shoot, and he’s removed scenes that no longer apply. So until May rolls around I don’t think Benedict Cumberbatch even knows if he’s in this movie or not.

Bruce Campbell

It’s not uncommon that executives have some influence on how productions follow, but Marvel Studios has the challenge of also keeping somewhat of continuity between their overarching storylines and connections from one project to another.

The pandemic, as mentioned previously, left them with quite the blow as more things ended up getting shuffled around and it seems Doctor Strange was affected as well. Of course, his reference to Benedict Cumberbatch not knowing if he’s in the film is more of a joke on how much work goes into these films and their many moving parts.

Source: YouTube via The Direct

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