‘CAPTAIN MARVEL 2’ to Film in the UK

The sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel could well be shooting in the UK next year. After being tipped off that the studio had registered a production company in the UK, Murphy’s Multiverse was able to independently confirm that Marvel Studios had indeed done so, indicating that the studio has plans to at least shoot part of the film in the UK and/or Europe.

Captain Marvel': What Is Binary?

The film, which will be directed by Nia DaCosta and based off a script from Megan McDonnell, is expected to tie into the Marvel Comics Secret Invasion event that saw the Skrull Empire attempt a hostile take over of Earth and revealed that Skrull sleeper cells had been on Earth in positions of power and in place of Earth’s mightiest heroes for some time. Marvel Studios is also developing a Secret Invasion project would could serve as a companion piece as a streaming series on Disney Plus or, perhaps, be its own event film.

Captain Marvel filmed in California, under the California Film Commission’s Tax Credit Program, and in New Orleans with a post-credit scene being filmed in Atlanta. Captain Marvel 2 is set to debut in theaters on July 8, 2022 and should go into production late next Spring or early next Summer.

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