‘New Mutants’ Originally Pitched as a Trilogy With Potential Crossovers

New Mutants had quite a rough journey. They finished filming while Fox got purchased by Disney. As a result, it constantly got delayed. Then, it finally seemed like it would see the day of light until the pandemic hit. Once again, the potentially last Fox X-Men entry was on hold. It is unsure how it will fit into the new structure, as Marvel Studios continues its MCU expansion. We still do not know if this will become part of the MCU or just be treated as the ending of another world. Director Josh Boone offered some insight into what the original plans were.

 “When we sold it originally, we conceptually sold it as a trilogy, with the second one being an alien invasion movie set in Brazil where Roberto is, where his dad is, who is part of the Hellfire Club. Then, the last one was hopefully going to dovetail with the X-Men movies and we were going to do Inferno, that crossover, which had all these supernatural, satanic horror elements. The idea was to try to do a different genre, subgenre, of horror movie with each of these movies. That was the idea, but it wasn’t something we thought much about because of the merger and everything else.

The concept sounds amazing. Each film would’ve been focused on a different horror genre? That sounds like a great concept to explore. It also is quite the selling point for the New Mutants that it dives into horror rather than stick to superhero conventions. As the article by CBM points out, this also means we would’ve gotten Darkchilde at one point. This is the final transformation of Magik, who played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Plus, the potential of crossovers is always a bonus. The potential of seeing X-Men from other movies stuck in a horror story is quite enticing.

It will be interesting to see how the film performs and what it will mean for the future of the Marvel franchise. We know that Kevin Feige has plans for the X-Men within the MCU at one point. At the same time, we might see the introduction of the Inhumans through the Disney+ show Ms. Marvel. They could also use the multiverse concept teased for the next Doctor Strange installment to connect the worlds as a final tribute to the bygone era of the Fox X-Men.

Source: ComicBookMovie.com



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