Usman Ally and Jolene Andersen Talk Voicing A.I.M. Villains in ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Marvel’s Avengers is building up to its release in around two weeks. We are about to enter the final week of Beta testing. They’ve spent quite a lot of time focusing on A-Day since the reveal at E3 2019. Sadly, it felt like they were holding back. It being a service-based game didn’t quite help the popular consensus online. Let’s not forget the controversy that certainly didn’t help. Still, the game was performing well in top pre-order charts. Now, we also get our official full look at the game’s main antagonist MODOK.

We also got the reveal that Usman Ally is voicing the iconic brainiac in the game. He actually has some history with Marvel, as he played Vincent on Agents of SHIELD.

Alongside his tweet he also talked about how George Tarleton slowly turns into the big brained man we see below. It sounds like there is more to the transformation into MODOK than just him being an evil scientist stereotype.

“In terms of how George becomes this creature, this thing and how so much of it is driven by his ambition to help people, I think there is a genuine belief that what he is doing is for the betterment of human beings and that strong, strong sense of self and his position in society, wanting to do more, is what continues to drive him. I found that to be some of the really fascinating stuff and how that gets blasted with one’s ego or one’s own insecurities coming to the fore. He’s a very complex character.”

It also gives us our first look at Monica Rappaccini, who was the focus of a Hulk-specific mission in the Beta. She is voiced by Jolene Andersen, who also just recently appeared on SHIELD‘s seventh season as Olga. She also talked about her character in an interview with Comic Book.

“She has this one-track mind in a way and that’s what I feel is her strongest point, and what makes her so powerful. Also her drive, her ability to manipulate everything around her. She is a perfect specimen of a person which makes her a perfect villain, I like that, and she comes in an unassuming bottle at the same time, I love all of that nuance with her and I don’t know if that’s her in a nutshell, but that’s how I feel about her.”

An interesting tidbit is that they also provided the voice actors with comics to prepare for their roles. Ally pointed out that they weren’t forced to but were provided with the necessary comics if they asked for them. Makes me want to start working there if I get access to their large library on comics. The team at Crystal Dynamics also offered a short look at AIM in a video on the official Marvel channel.

Source: Twitter, Comic Book, YouTube

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