‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Gear Rework Kicks-Off With Hero-Specific Perks

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Marvel’s Avengers took a bit of a backseat this half-year, as after the release of Black Panther they’ve started focusing on reworking the core system. The goal is quite simple. They have their first raid coming up with Spider-Man’s release, as well as preparing for 2022. We’ve long waited for what they might be cooking up at Crystal Dynamics and while they did state they’re taking a backseat for sister company Eidos’ release of Guardians of the Galaxy, they still had a nice surprise for players. In the latest weekly blog, they’ve shared their first major change to how gear perks worked.

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So, the rework will serve a very specific function. The goal is to make each hero’s offerings stand out rather than just having the same perk across everyone’s base set. It’s a great decision, as it allows the players to work on their character’s unique traits and adds replayability to try out others. The first rework focused on Captain America, Hulk, and Thor.

Captain America’s new perks focus primarily on his “heroics, intrinsic actions, or defensive enhancements.” In the case of Thor, all generic perks have been removed and received a perk titled Binding of the Thunderer, which adds an Odinforce Amplifier. Hulk got more gamma-themed perks like Worldbreaker’s Alloy (high chance of regen Heroics). If you want more details, you can check them out here.

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These are still small changes ahead of the bigger insight teased by Crystal Dynamics, but it’s a fantastic step in the right direction. Marvel’s Avengers offers some fun characters and a great story, but the gear has been a rather highly discussed part of the game. Long-time players are looking for a reason to get back into the game and these changes might inspire them to grind out to establish their new builds. Here’s hoping we’ll get more details in the coming weeks on the general reworks in the game. There was a tease by the game’s community manager that we can expect a longer entry next week.

Source: Play Avengers, Reddit

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