Cat Vasko Writing a Female-Led ‘Plastic Man’ Film

It looks like Warner Bros. has a brand new film in development. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision segment revealed that a Plastic Man film is the latest to join their DC film slate. There is a twist, however. It looks like Patrick ‘Eel’ O’Brian will not be the character to greet us on screen, as it will now be a female-led project. No further details are available for now, so it is uncertain how they will adapt the character and which direction they’ll go. He has become quite popular to break the fourth wall so we could see something in the vein of Deadpool.

The film has quite a production history. The Mayor‘s Amanda Idoko originally was hired to pen the script two years ago, which was slated as an action-adventure comedy. Now, Queen of the Air‘s Cat Vasko is taking over the project. According to THR, she will be taking it in a new direction. They also cannot confirm if the film will get a title change to Plastic-Woman as a result. My personal favorite idea was from our own Lizzie, who suggested Plastic Ma’am. The film is in the early stages of development, so it will still take some time before it sees the light of day.

Plastic Man has quite a cult status. The original version of the story features a small-time crook who gets doused with chemical liquids during a botched heist. It results in him gaining the ability to stretch his body and even shape-shift. He eventually even became a police officer as he changed his ways after the incident. He even was part of the Justice League at one point. The character has quite the history going as far back as 1941.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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