CCXP: Todd McFarlane Offers Update on ‘SPAWN’ Film



During an interview in the Omelete Stage at CCXP Worlds, the creator of SpawnTodd McFarlane, interviewed with Affonso Solano to discuss his career as a writer, comic artist and what working on his iconic character has meant to him. During the interview, Todd was asked about the upcoming film adaption, which stars Jamie Foxx as the titular character alongside Jeremy Renner, who will be playing Detective Twitch Williams. He confirmed that the production had gotten a lot of work done during the quarantine period. Not just that, but he also teased that the film adaptation has a couple of “big names” attached, which are sure to capture the attention of fans and make people extremely happy. While the project has been in development for years, Jamie Foxx has maintained an interest in the project.

As of now, the Spawn film has been in development for years at Blumhouse for quite some time. It dates back to 2016 when Todd first teased the idea of a Spawn reboot. Even after all this time, we haven’t received any real insight into the film. We are still anxiously waiting for any details that may tease if we can expect another origin story, or we jump straight into the action. Here’s hoping they also give Michael Jai White a minor role as a tribute to his time as the iconic hellspawn in the cheesy 1997 adaptation. Not much has been known about the project’s plot, production schedule, or much of the casting since then, but it’s good to know that the project is still in the works.

Source: Deadline


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