RUMOR: ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series Based on ‘The High Republic’ In Development

Star Wars has been introducing a brand new era that has yet to be explored, the High Republic. The new series was unveiled alongside a bunch of comics and books that will explore a time where the Jedi Knights had to face a threat that may change the Force as they know it. We haven’t heard any official word if they would also start adapting the new era in other mediums, as it primarily was called a publishing project. Unlike The Mandalorian and other Star Wars franchises, this takes place a couple of hundred years before the events of the films. So, they don’t have to adapt the storylines to fit within the existing timeline. It offers creators more freedom than before, which would make it a perfect era to adapt as a film or TV series.

Cinelinx has heard rumblings that there are plans to adopt the new era in live-action and animation. Lucasfilms has seen quite the success in the medium after The Clone Wars and Rebels. There is even a spin-off for The Bad Batch planned to release at one point. There were rumors of other animated projects being in development, so this is our first real hint that they aren’t just focused on live-action moving forward. There is a good chance that this show won’t enter production for quite some time, as they might focus on getting the High Republic branding out first. Hopefully, we might get an official announcement in the future that showcases the various shows and films that are planned. We still have no idea what the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor series will be officially titled. So, maybe Lucasfilm will give us an overview soon, or at least during Disney’s Investor’s Day.

Source: Star Wars, Cinelinx

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