‘WandaVision’ Character Posters Released

Marvel Studios and Disney+ are starting their marketing campaign for the upcoming release of WandaVision. Finally, after a long wait and many delays, we are entering the new year with brand new Marvel Cinematic Content. It almost seems surreal that we are actually getting the first Disney+ series from Marvel Studios after everything that had happened. Originally, Falcon and the Winter Soldier was going to kick-off the studio’s venture into long-form storytelling but 2020 proved nothing is truly set in stone. Luckily, Marvel Studios cemented the show’s upcoming release with a new set of character posters.

We know that various other characters are included in the show but they are focusing on those that were heavily featured in the trailers. So, we get some character posters on our two leads Wanda and Vision, alongside Agnes, and Monica Rambeau. There is no sign of Jimmy Woo or Darcy Lewis for now, but they may be taking the same route that The Mandalorian‘s second season did. After every major character introduction, the episode would then get a character poster to tie us over until the next one released. So, there is a good chance they are going a similar route here. Yet, the show won’t release until January 15th, so who knows if we see them shortly before the premiere.

Now, the concept of various TVs is a great idea to build up the mystery and tie into the Vision aspect of WandaVision. There are some interesting small hints here, such as Agnes having a string in one of her televisions, which could be hinting at her true nature. It also looks like Monica will premiere in an earlier episode of the show, as it seemed she would only show up in the 70s era sitcom. It could also hint at the show not following a linear format, as we jump from one sitcom era to another. The biggest hint once again is that Wanda seems to have a new costume. We’ve seen bits and pieces of it in previous posters, but it made its return here. As the show features Halloween costumes that are tributes to the original comic designs, it would be interesting if they manage to pull off a modern adaptation of her iconic outfit.

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