Matt Reeves Shares New Look at ‘The Batman’s Selina Kyle Ahead of DC FanDome

the batman selina kyle

The wait isn’t long until we get a new trailer for The Batman. Matt Reeves’ version of the iconic Caped Crusader will release next year with Robert Pattinson in the role. He’ll be joined by quite the cast which includes Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle. We only briefly got a glimpse at the actress in last year’s DC FanDome, but luckily to hype up the next reveal the director shared a brand new image featuring the actress in clear view. He also teases that we’ll get quite a bit more of her in the upcoming trailer.

The upcoming film will reimagine the popular DC franchise in a more noir-themed storyline going by the first trailer. Paul Dano‘s Riddler took center stage in the first trailer and may challenge Pattinson‘s Bruce Wayne throughout the film’s runtime. Kyle’s exact role remains uncertain, but with Batman: The Long Halloween as potential inspiration, her role might connect to this universe’s version of Falcone. We see her with a cat-inspired mask stealing from an unsuspecting victim, which may also end up being the first time she confronts Batman. We can’t wait to see what Reeves and his team have in store for us with tomorrow’s trailer.

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