First Look at ‘Fortnite’s Batman Who Laugh’s Skin

fortnite batman skin

It looks like Fortnite is adding one of Batman’s most fearsome rogue’s, as a brand new Batman Who Laugh’s set has been unveiled. Twitter user @iFireMonkey shared the first look at the skin alongside the confirmation it is a redeemable code through a limited edition Batman/Fortnite Foundation comic. He’ll also be available through the Item Shop, but won’t include the exclusive loading screen. The design looks like it was taken directly out of the original comic line. He’s the Bruce Wayne of Earth -22 that ended up killing his universe’s Joker before becoming consumed by a virus that turned him into the next Joker. He first appeared in 2017’s Dark Days: The Casting #1.

The game’s art style has proven like the perfect blend to bring any type of medium into its battle royale universe. Fortnite has also built up quite the relationship with Marvel and DC to bring various characters from their multi-media franchises to life in the game. It’s crazy to think that there’s Tom Hardy‘s Venom in a shootout with Shang-Chi, Kratos from God of War, and Batman Who Laugh’s. The game has just recently started a new season and who knows who else might find their way into the game as it continues to grow.

Source: Twitter, ComicBook

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