Official ‘Uncharted’ Pictures Teases Tom Holland’s Globe-Trotting Adventure

2021 will be quite a busy film year. We will be seeing a wide variety of new films getting released alongside 2020 productions that were delayed due to the pandemic. Among them, there is the first cinematic adaptation of the popular Uncharted franchise. The film centers on a young Nathan Drake, who is just finding his footing as the adventurer we all come to love in the games. Ruben Fleischer, who recently directed Zombieland: Double Tap and Venom, will tackle the project alongside Tom Holland as Drake and Mark Wahlberg‘s Victor Sullivan. We are still anxiously awaiting what the future may bring, as it aims to premiere in July. We might still have to wait for a bit for the first trailer, but that didn’t stop the official Twitter account to tease what we can expect from the film:

It certainly looks like they aren’t losing focus on the globe-trotting adventure that makes the franchise so iconic. Our first official look at Holland‘s Drake seemed to combine elements of his clothing from across the games, so it was uncertain if they are adopting a specific story from the games, or creating their own. When the original voice actor for Drake, Nolan North, shared a picture from his set visit, he teased a few interesting artifacts. It seems like the story was going to explore the history surrounding Fernão de Magalhães, or also known as Ferdinand Magellan. During his heyday, he led a Spanish expedition through the West instead of the East, only to die in battle once he reached the Philippines.

The objects being teased seem to fit that storyline. The map doesn’t include Australia but does include the Philippines. Most of their adventures surround a McGuffin, which means that the golden cross will act as a gateway to uncovering the pieces that will help them on their journey. Also, that statue in the third picture may actually be based on Magellan, or at least a captain of his expedition. The series has also dabbled with supernatural elements, so anything is possible with the direction of the film. It is great to get a tease and hopefully, we will see a trailer in the next few months to build up to its July release.

Source: Twitter


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