‘UNCHARTED’ Film Set Gets a Surprise Visitor

If you’re familiar with the Uncharted videogame franchise the name Nolan North should ring a bell. He’s the actor that brought Nathan Drake’s voice to life, with incredible performances throughout the series.

With principal photography on the movie adaptation currently well underway, Nolan was invited for set visit where he got to hang out with Tom Holland, that will be responsible for introducing his own version of Nathan Drake to a new audience.

This set pictures also might give us a little glimpse of what the plot of the movie might be all about. In the open book, we see a picture of Fernão de Magalhães (Ferdinand Magellan), a Portuguese explorer that was the leader of the first successful circumnavigation of the Earth. Back then Europeans had only reached the West Indies through the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The Spanish expedition that he lead tried to reach the same territory by traveling west, instead of east, which was, at the time, a tremendous breakthrough. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to live through the entirety of the expedition, having died in battle in the Philippines, struck by a bamboo spear.

If his journey is to be a part of the upcoming movie, only time will tell.

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