Murphy’s Multiverse: 2021’s Least Anticipated Projects

We cover a lot of things here at Murphy’s Multiverse and one of the absolute best things about having a team is that we all get to cover the things we love and know that the rest of the team will cover what we are…less interested in. Have a look below at the 2021 projects that are causing each of us to experience different levels of existential dread.

Joao Pinto

Considering the movie’s relevance and the amount of interest it’s not getting from me, it has to be Spider-Man 3. I understand all the hype surrounding the number of characters coming back to the franchise. Spider-Man is, and always has been, a character so many connect with, and to be able to see three of them on screen at the same time is indeed crazy. But this is perhaps getting too much in the way of the Tom Holland-centered movie I want to see. I get that that Tom will still end up being the heart of the movie, but I really can’t bring myself to become excited every time another name is added to the cast. If anything, it’s really making me feel less interested in the movie.

Julia Delbel

Angry Mob | Redtree Times

The thing I’m most nervous for in 2021 is anything with strong potential for obnoxious and hostile discourse. Obviously, everything has that potential, but things like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Spider-Man 3, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seem like they could be overrun with it. Some of these projects themselves are actually exciting to me, but I’m worried they could end up being overshadowed by negativity.

Joseph “The Machine” Aberl

Tom and Jerry 2021 Trailer | Release Date | Cast | Trend Around Us


Had to give this one a bit more thought. I think the one thing I am not too enthusiastic about for next year is the Tom & Jerry film. Yes, this may sound dumb but the cat-mouse duo were a big part of my childhood. So, the rather questionable animation designs with a strong emphasis on human characters just seems odd. The original 1992 film was bad but I loved it as a kid. So, seeing the latest rendition just feel a little hollow does not place it on my “must-watch” list of 2021.

Lizzie Hill

DC Peacemaker TV Show Logo Revealed By James Gunn & John Cena

I’m not too excited for the Peacemaker series, but I have enjoyed James Gunn’s work elsewhere so we’ll see!

Edward Rose


I genuinely don’t know how to answer this question since I’m excited for everything that’s gonna happen with all of the films, series and projects coming up. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Not that I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m not going to elevate my expectations too high for the project’s debut.

Arlyn Murphy

IGN on Twitter: "The Boss Baby is back in this new trailer for the sequel, The Boss Baby: Family Business. 👶… "

I am least excited for Boss Baby 2. I don’t think that the first movie was very good so I don’t have my hopes high for this one. 

Charles Murphy

There are actually a lot of things I’m not looking forward to in 2021, but I’m trying to keep this to things we’ve been and will continue to cover on the website. When I work within those parameters, it’s easy: I’m going to have to watch Morbius and I hate it already. I am no fan of Jared Leto’s and I’ve long been vocal about how I don’t really understand Sony’s approach to these films. I think the success of Venom (much of which was due to Tom Hardy) emboldened them to keep going and I just don’t see the same interest in Morbius as there was for Venom (of for the sequel to Venom, for that matter). Maybe all this multiverse business will make these make sense and I’ll change my mind. I’d be happy for that. But for now, this one takes the cake.

Charles Villanueva


The Snyder Cut. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll probably watch it the day it comes because of how significant it is. But as far as being excited for it, I’m not drooling to see what Snyder has in store for us.

Dalbin Osorio

Venom 2. Venom part one, where Tom Hardy loves Jen Lindley, was not a good movie at all but it did box office numbers that have made Sony go forward with some really bad decisions. We’re getting a Morbius that seems like it’s set in the MCU, but only because Sony needs us to think it is, except there was that Vulture cameo, so who really knows? Either way, I have no interest in Woody Harrelson and Tom Hardy slugging it out in front of a green screen.

John Sabato

Morbius is by far my least anticipated project of 2021. I genuinely do not see a redeeming aspect of this film. The trailer looked bland and when I saw it was delayed, the only reason I was sad was because I knew I’d have to see more marketing for this film than we’d already seen.

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