CW’s CEO Opens Up About Failed ‘Powerpuff’ Pilot

cw powerpuff pilot

It isn’t an easy process to get a brand new TV series. You have to pitch the concept to the production company, they then sign off on a pilot that would act as a proof of concept. It doesn’t get an early series announcement until that is signed off and commonly, the back nine episodes only are given if the show manages to garner an audience. Not every show gets a second chance, but CW’s live-action adaptation of the Powerpuff Girls got just that. Also, in an uncommon move, CW’s CEO, Mark Pedowitz, gave some insight on the move to rework the pilot.

The reason we do pilots is sometimes things miss, this was just a miss. We believe in the cast completely, we believe in Diablo and Heather, the writers… in this case, the pilot didn’t.

It is uncertain what was the cause for this decision, but he did confirm that it was too “campy” and felt out of place. It doesn’t help that there was a leaked script that may have hinted at the direction the original version of the pilot took. The series has a strong cast with the main trio being portrayed Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perreault. They will portray the once superheroic sisters that are in their twenties and disillusioned with the world. Their resentment for having wasted their childhood fighting monsters left them bitter in a world filled with modern technology. Sadly, we might never see the original pilot, but Pedowitz confirmed that they want to stay true to what made the original so popular and we will certainly see this live-action series at some point.

Source: Deadline

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