Amanda Segel to Write ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Off ‘10,000 Ships’

game of thrones amanda segel

HBO is busy producing its first spin-off based on its popular Game of Thrones series, House of the Dragons. It will explore the time long before the events that started in Winterfell. Yet, they have realized there is a lot of franchise potential to explore the different timelines and locations throughout its history. They are developing three other series titled Tales of Dunk and Egg, 9 Voyages, and 10,000 Ships. It looks like the latter of the series has entered some form of production, as Deadline uncovered that Amanda Segel, the co-executive producer of Helstrom and Person of Interest, will write the project titled 10,000 Ships. It will focus on the story of Princess Nymeria and her journey from Essos to Dorne.

We’ve spent some time on the sea in various Game of Thrones episodes, but a full series focusing on it could be quite a curious challenge. HBO is moving forward with its various spin-offs with The Mentalist‘s Bruno Heller tackling the 9 Voyages project. It also may also run by the title Sea Snake and Flea Bottom. George R.R. Martin is also involved with the project’s development. There is still no further news on Tales of Dunk & Egg or the rumored animated series. It’ll be curious how they will release these series as we could see them switch out between them similar to how Disney+ goes from one series into the next. The expansion will continue to grow the history of Westeros in curious ways without relying on the original’s cast.

Source: Deadline

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