Dan Trachtenberg to Direct New Predator Film ‘Badlands’

Dan Trachtenberg resurrected the Predator franchise with 2022’s Prey. Now, 20th Century is handing him the keys to the kingdom. Multiple trade reports have confirmed that Trachtenberg will direct another film in the franchise titled Badlands.

While the end credits of Prey set up the possibility of a direct sequel to that film, Badlands is NOT that sequel though 20th Century is still developing that project with star Amber Midthunder in mind to return. Instead, Badlands, which was co-written by Patrick Aison, will feature a new female lead and be set in the future. Production is expected to kick off this July.

Trachtenberg is also reportedly now 20th Century’s Predator curator with “a host” of projects based on the franchise in the works.

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