‘Detective Pikachu Returns! ‘Jonathan Krisel to Direct ‘Pokémon’ Movie Sequel

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Now, this is quite a surprise. After a long hiatus, it seems that the Pokémon franchise is returning to the silvers screen. Not only that, but they are also once again going to continue the storyline of Detective Pikachu. Rob Letterman directed the first film that went on to make a strong $430M worldwide, it seems they have found a new director to tackle the sequel in Portlandia‘s Jonathan Krisel. He’ll be adapting the film based on a script written by Chris Gallettta that’ll continue the story we last saw in 2019.

While there is no word if Ryan Reynolds will return, it does seem that he’ll likely be a part of it. For those that might have forgotten, Reynolds voiced the film’s titular Detective Pikachu who would become close friends with Justice Smith‘s Tim Goodman, who is trying to find out what happened to his father in the film. It was an unconventional direction to take the franchise but was tailor-made for a more cinematic outing than just 10-year-olds heading out to have Pokémon battle each other.

It’s unclear how far along they are with the project, but it does seem like they are in the early stages. No cast has been set and we don’t know how far along the script is. Many have wondered why it has taken this long for the sequel to get rolling, as it was technically renewed shortly after the first film wrapped up its theatrical run. Still, it may simply be some legal discussion with the company that created the iconic gaming franchise.

Source: Deadline

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