‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ BTS Image Offers a Glimpse at Christian Bale’s Transformation into Gorr the God Butcher

thor love and thunder bts

Thor: Love and Thunder is only a few more weeks away and we’re anxiously awaiting the journey that Christian Bale is going to take us on with his take on Gorr the God Butcher. While we had to wait a bit for the first official reveal, the second trailer for Love and Thunder offered a look at a very different interpretation of the character. We’ve known very little about how his transformation came to be, but a new behind-the-scenes image shared offered some insight into how they brought him to life.

While we don’t get a good look at his full make-up, it does reveal that Christian Bale has originally shaven his entire head to play the role of Gorr. Yet, very likely due to contractual reasons with another project, he wasn’t able to during reshoots and so they had to tackle a different way of making his bald head come to life. Bart Mixon shared a look at how they created a bald cap to make it seem like he had no hair at all.

Bale is the kind of actor that would go the extra mile to bring his character to life, but it’s interesting how they manage to still create a realistic-looking bald head. Karen Gillan talked bout how they were able to use a bald cap for her role as Nebula to avoid her constantly having to shave her head, even if she did it for her initial casting to prove how ready she was to take on the role.

Source: Instagram

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