Further Evidence Emerges Confirming Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Madame Web’ Role

Despite rolling out one of the most poorly received and mocked superhero films in the Golden Age of the genre in Morbius, Sony Pictures is still wheeling and dealing in the business of making films about obscure Spider-Man characters. Kraven the Conservationist is up next for the studio this October and then, just a few short months later in February 2024, Madame Web will arrive in theaters. Despite being littered with characters most fans have never heard about, Madame Web has an impressive cast led by Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott and Emma Roberts and is rumored to tell a pretty wild story taking place somewhere in the Spider-Verse.

Set photos from the film had some fans crossing wires on who was playing whom until a report last Summer seemed to straighten all that out: Johnson is portraying the titular Madame Web and Sweeney is playing Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman #2 (Jessica Drew, who as far as we know is not in this movie is Spider-Woman #1; however, there is another Spider-Woman in this movie, Mattie Franklin, and she is Spider-Woman #4!). Now a new report from a popular YouTuber seems to back up that info.

The Hot Mic Podcast shared some information about Sony’s Spidey projects, including an unconfirmed bit of info that a Spider-Woman film may go into production in 2024–though it’s unclear which of the three Spider-Women it may follow–and info on Sweeney’s role. Simply put, the host of the HMP shared that he’d heard Sweeney is in fact portraying Spider-Woman in Madame Web. Of course, in the comics, this Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman #2, also goes on to become Madame Web and comes into conflict with Charlotte Wittier, Spider-Woman #3. Given Sony’s love of nonsensical stories, it’s easy to see why they’ve chosen to go the route they have with Madame Web.

Source: YouTube

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