Disney+ May Have Revealed ‘Secret Invasion’s June Release Date

secret invasion release date

Here’s an interesting way to leak a potential release date. It’s been long rumored that we might get our next major Disney+ series from Marvel Studios at some point this summer, as Secret Invasion was hinted at as the big release for this year. Yet, we haven’t had much information on when to expect the project. At least, that was until now courtesy of Disney+ itself.

It seems that Disney+ has added a release date to the Secret Invasion series of June 21st. While we’ve had a similar scenario in the past with the second season of Star Wars’ The Bad Batch which didn’t hit the initial release, it does give us an inclination that they might have this as a potential release date. So, there’s always a chance it might get postponed or just taken down.

The Bad Batch was hinted at a September release date before it actually hit Disney+ in January. So, there’s always a chance that this timeline isn’t going to stick but given the radio silence we’ve seen from Marvel Studios on the show, anything is possible. We’ll know it’s true if they do end up releasing a trailer in April, as streaming services usually go by a two-month promotional cycle.

If the June release turns out true, this is also the longest wait we’ve had between the Disney+ series marking the big change that the Internet has been asking for: less is more. While one could argue how that standpoint, we’re definitely seeing the old Marvel Studios back adjusting to a post-Chapek Disney.

Source: Disney Plus

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