‘Doctor Strange 2’ Director Offers Details on 616 Mordo’s Grisly Fate

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There has long been a rumored sequence teased where Mordo would take on Wanda Maximoff in an earlier draft of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. During the commentary track from the latest digital release, as shared by Insider, director Sam Raimi reveals just how that sequence was going to end up. It looks like he was going to face a terrible fate and already hint at the brutal takedowns Wanda was going to execute upon the Illuminati.

Michael had written an early scene with Chiwetel where we saw him in our universe, 616, where he was the Mordo that we knew from ‘Doctor Strange 1.’ Only he had been through many battles since that. He had a limp, and he was coming after the Scarlet Witch to take her power because he knew she was dark and terribly corrupted by the Darkhold. She killed him and cut off his head. Presented it to Strange in a later scene.

Sam Raimi

While praising the work by writer Michael Waldron, he does reveal that it slowed down the beginning and it was the reason it was dropped from the script. It also would’ve given away her dark turn quite early on and the mystery did add a little something special early on.

What seemed like a sequence that would be dragged out throughout the film was swiftly pushed to the side and we got some creative creature designs. Plus, it kept us on edge when the actual takedown happens during the meeting with the Illuminati. Plus, it also keeps Mordo’s fate open and not just kill him off before truly exploring his rivalry with Strange more.

Source: Insider

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