“Nothing has Been Determined”: Sony CEO Speaks Out on Tom Holland’s Future as Spider-Man

Rothman wasn’t giving anything away when asked about the future of the Marvel/Sony partnership, but left open the possibility of more Spider-Man films coming out of the collaboration between the two studios

Last night marked the red carpet premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, meaning the stars and Hollywood suits were out in full force. Among them was Sony CEO Tom Rothman, who as Chair of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, has overseen the partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios that has led to MCU-set Spidey films like No Way Home.

The collaboration between the two studios has been wildly successful and with the conclusion of the Spidey high school-set trilogy, fans are eager to know if Tom Holland will be back in the role once his contract is up. A couple of weeks back, Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal, who has worked on all 3 Holland Spidey films, told Fandango that a deal to keep collaboration had, in fact, been reached. When asked to confirm or deny Pascal’s comments last night, Rothman laughed and said:

“I will confirm that my dear sister-in-arms, Amy, is a very optimistic person. that’s what I will confirm. The reality is nothing is set. Nothing has been determined. But on the other hand, everything is still possible.”

Before concluding that portion of the interview, Rothman added, “Hope springs eternal. We’ll see.” Speaking as the CEO of a company, Rothman is smart not to give anything away until the ink is dry on all the contracts. Will there be more Spider-Man movies? Always. Will Marvel Studios and Sony continue to collaborate to make them? It sure seems like it based on everything we’ve heard during press junkets the past few weeks. However, we recently saw the Sony/Marvel Studios deal come to an “end” before being saved by last minute efforts by Holland, so Rothman’s totally in line here with his response. With everything on the table, however, it’s encouraging to think about another decade or so of the studios working together to bring Spidey to the big (and small) screen.

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