Don Cheadle May Have Hinted at Rhodey Being a Skrull in ‘Secret Invasion’

When Don Cheadle took the stage to talk about Secret Invasion at D23 Expo 2022, Kevin Feige mentioned that it wasn’t the series he was there to discuss. To that end, Cheadle and Feige gave an update on the Disney Plus streaming series Armor Wars, a project that fans have begun to wonder quite a bit about over the past few months.

Feige and Cheadle assured fans that not only was the project still in the works but that it is on track to go into production next year and would connect directly to the events of Secret Invasion. With Secret Invasion set to explore an MCU where Skrulls have infiltrated every corner and with Rhodey set to play such a key role, one has to wonder if he’s been simmed himself, which would put one of the MCU’s most senior members in a very tough and surprising spot.

In an interview with Phase Zero, Cheadle walked on eggshells while describing where Rhodey will be when Armor Wars kicks off, but left just enough room to make everyone unsure of his fate in Secret Invasion.

At a very different place and in a way that is something I can’t really talk about but it’s going to be very surprising to a lot of people. And the great thing is that there’s going to be so much opportunity to learn about him and for him to learn about himself and for us, hopefully, to really be able to get behind what makes him tick.

Don Cheadle

With Secret Invasion being adapted to the MCU, it’s long been assumed that at least some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would be Skrulls in disguise. With a small number of Avengers set to turn up in the series, unlike the comic event which involved all of Marvel’s heavy hitters, Rhodey is as good a bet as any to be an alien infiltrator. How long could it have been? And would he even be aware of his status as a Skrull spy (in the comics, many of the Skrulls are so deeply embedded in their infiltration that they don’t even know they aren’t the people they are swimming)? We’ll find out soon as Secret Invasion should hit Disney Plus early in 2023.

Source: Phase Zero

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