Eiichiro Oda had Two Demands for Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Series

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We’ve known for some time that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has been heavily involved with the production. He had a big hand in choosing who would portray the iconic Straw Hat pirates and had the final say if they would release the show. We would later find out that he even asked them to reshoot a few sequences to ensure they stayed true to his original vision as much as possible but were still open to some changes.

Matt Owens, the co-showrunner for the series, has revealed in a new issue of Shueisha that Oda had quite a few requests for the development but highlighted two very distinctive ones. The first is that the character’s backstories are not to be touched and remain as their core motivation, which Owens seemingly fully agrees with.

They’re so pivotal to who they are as people, what their dreams and motivations are, and how Luffy digs into that as he meets them and helps them rediscover those dreams.

Matt Owens

The second aspect is that they would focus on the different abilities of the characters. Even if that likely was going to be a big challenge in a live-action setting, they definitely wanted to stick to the moves and devil fruits that are an iconic aspect of the entire franchise.

Specific devil fruit powers and other skill sets were all carefully crafted by Oda and a lot of imagination went into what different people can do and what the rules are with that.

Matt Owens

Going by the trailers, it seems that they definitely stayed true to those requests and went all out to ensure the Devil Fruits get the love they deserve. In an era that is scared of showing off a body stretching, such as with Ms. Marvel recently, they fully embraced that aspect and made sure to show it off even in the first teaser. So, here’s hoping we get a lot more once the series releases and potentially gets multiple seasons to fully embrace the wacky world that is One Piece.

Source: ComicBook.com

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