‘Eternals’ Couldn’t Film in Hawaii As ‘Inhumans’ “Burned That Bridge”

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It looks like Marvel TV’s adaptation of Inhumans may have left a bad aftertaste with not only Marvel Studios but also Hawaii. Eternals writers Kaz and Ryan Firbo discussed their initial pitching phase of Eternals and how they tried to approach different aspects of the project. They also went through various filming locations, but it turns out that there was one they weren’t allowed to include Hawaii. The reasoning as Marvel Studios put it was that the Inhumans series “totally burned that bridge” according to Kaz Firbo. He goes on to state that:

In the Marvel Universe there’s a lot of synergy, but also individuals telling great stories. There isn’t this algorithm that makes Marvel movies great. They hire people who love what they do and let them do what they love. For us, Inhumans was part of that conversation only insofar as — this is a true story — they said, “You can’t go to Hawaii.” Nobody gets to go to Hawaii because Inhumans totally burned that bridge. Beyond that, there wasn’t someone saying like, “We can’t do this, can’t do that.” The door really was open for us.

Kaz Firbo

Ryan Firbo added that they also initially envisioned Eternals as a TV Show, but it was mentioned they “kind of tried that” but it was disconnected. So, the actions of the TV studio have left some long-lasting scars. It sadly seems that it might also take quite some time before the studio may enter Hawaii to start a production there that makes use of its beautiful landscape. It makes you wonder if we’ll ever get some insight from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige how the series may have influenced other decisions.

Source: Inverse

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