EXCLUSIVE: ‘BLACK ADAM’ Looks to Explore the Origins of Doctor Fate

Production on the long-awaited Dwayne Johnson superhero vehicle Black Adam is set to get underway in Atlanta this April and as the start date draws nearer, director Jaume Collet-Serra is looking to round out the cast. Our first look at the film at DC Fandome teased Teth-Adam’s slave origins in ancient Khandaq and a new casting search indicates the film might be spending quite a bit of time exploring Adam’s origins.

Get Your First Look At Black Adam Concept Art And DC Fandome Panel  Breakdown - The Illuminerdi

Black Adam is currently on the hunt for what appears to be a young version of Johnson’s Teth-Adam along with characters who would appear to be his father and another warrior from the time period. Additionally, the production is looking an actor to portray a magician described as a “powerful being prepared to do what they must to protect the world.” Given the time period the film is set to explore and the foundations it is expected to lay, it’s HIGHLY probable that Black Adam will introduce Nabu to the DC Universe.

DC Teases Return of Doctor Fate

Nabu is an incredibly ancient and powerful cosmic entity whose spirit is contained in the Helmet of Fate, the magical artifact worn by those taking up the mantle of Doctor Fate. Nabu prophesied the arrival of a Thangarian ship to Earth and was with Black Adam and Khufu, the Egyptian prince whose soul was eventually reincarnated as Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, when they discovered the ship and the Nth metal. The pieces all fall into place nicely for Black Adam to serve as an origin story for Adam, Hawkman and Doctor Fate.

Black Adam, originally set for a December 2021 release, is still without a new release date.


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