‘Pokémon Diamond and Pearl’ Remakes Announced Alongside New Open-World Prequel Game

pokemon diamond and pearl remake

It is somewhat of a tradition that the various Pokémon games get remakes while Gamefreak is working hard on the next entry. As such, many weren’t wonder if we would get remakes of Diamond and Pearl, but rather when. Many believed it would be the case with the last Nintendo Direct, but it turned out they had an entirely separate event planned for it, as they finally revealed the remakes with the titles Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Not just that, they also revealed the game’s art style in a small teaser for its Nintendo Switch release:

they went ahead and recreated the original Nintendo DS games with a chibi design. It really looks like they made 3D renders of the original pixel art. It is rather surprising, as the franchise seemed to be moving away from the top-down view it has been using since its inception. Of course, once you enter battle the design shifts to showcase fully realized 3D models that we’ve seen in the new Pokémon Let’s GO games. However, it looks like they are also testing a new design out with the reveal of a pre-make game that is set within the land of Sinnoh titled Pokémon: Legends Arceus:

gives us a fully realized 3D Pokemon game many of us have been wanting to see in the franchise. You can freely explore open worlds and catch wild Pokémon without entering a specific fighting sequence. It seems like they might be testing out a new direction for the franchise. The Japanese design of exploring the history of this world is a great idea, which hopefully will be explored more in the future. The franchise is a perfect candidate for an open-world action-RPG. It looks like the Pokémon franchise has some big plans for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter (Remake), Twitter (Premake)

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