EXCLUSIVE: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy on the Importance of Bringing Kamala Khan to Life in the MCU

Episodes 4 and 5 of Marvel Studios latest Disney Plus streaming series, Ms. Marvel, were directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a veteran filmmaker with 20 years of experience. And while Obaid-Chinoy, who has won 7 Emmy and 2 Academy Awards for her documentary work, has plenty of time behind the camera, she is brand new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Born in Pakistan, Obaid-Chinoy now plays a large role in bringing Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, to the screen from the pages of Marvel Comics. In an exclusive interview, the director explained why she wanted to be part of the creative team that brought Ms. Marvel to life.

I think Kamala Khan changes the way we see superheroes. And I think the world is ready to embrace the fact that superheroes come in all shapes and forms and sizes. And that, in falling in love with the Khan family, in falling in love with Kamala Khan, you open yourself up to these experiences, to this culture, to this way of life, to this food and this music and these fabrics and sort of the richness of the texture of what it is to be an immigrant in America and to find your voice. I think she does this wonderful job of doing that.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Through 4 episodes, it’s safe to say that Obaid-Chinoy and the rest of the Ms. Marvel team have succeeded in making fans fall in love with Kamala, her family and their story as the series is among the most-well reviewed projects Marvel Studios has put out to date. The character is already beloved by fans, who are already anticipating star Iman Vellani‘s next appearance in 2023’s The Marvels, and it’s safe to assume she’s going to play a large part in the future of the MCU.

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