New ‘Black Adam’ Toy Offers Best Look Yet at Film’s DC Villain

black adam villain

It looks like a new toy line has found its way online that offers our best look yet ath the film’s new villain, Sabbac. We got our first look back when the Funko Pop line found its way online but it only seemed to offer a glimpse at what he’d look like. Now, a new figurine seemingly reveals that they’re going all-in with Sabbac’s design. As shared by @hodceu, we see that the character will have a pentagram engraved on his chest and rocking some horns.

The design definitely looks surprisingly comic-accurate and it’ll be interesting to see how the character ties into the overarching story. The first trailer for Black Adam didn’t tease what the central conflict will end up being outside of Adam and the Justice Society of America eventually butting heads, especially with Adam’s line stating that he kills people and isn’t a hero. So, who knows how bad this guy is going to end up being to make even the anti-hero’s brutal way look like a cakewalk.

Dwayne Johnson has proven that he’s very passionate about the Black Adam film, especially with it setting up his future in the DC Extended Universe. It’ll be interesting to see how it also sets up his eventual conflict with Shazam, as that film hinted at his existence but the sequel is seemingly heading in a completely unique direction. Yet, it seems obvious that they’ll have to come face-to-face eventually.

Source: Twitter

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